Šešuolėliai Estate was once owned by the Radvila family. In the 19th century it went to the landlords Jasinskis, who gave a part of the estate to the Končiai family in the end of the 19th century. In the late 1800's and early 1900's Petras Povilas Končius built the red-brick manor of modern forms and English Cottage style-rare in our country. During the interwar period the estate was acquired by, Jonas Variakojis, a colonel in the Lithuanian Army. He has been living on the estate from 1938 until 1944, when he retreated to the West. After the reestablishment of Lithuanian independence, the estate was returned to the descendants of the Končiai and the Variakojai families, who live in the U.S.A. Today the estate belongs to the family Petrauskas.

Šešuolėliai estate today is a reborn estate with the most ornate and richest interior among Lithuanian estates. The manor of the estate, as many other such manors in Lithuania, stood rather desolate until 1998. The new owner recreated the old park, cleaned up the ponds, and reconstructed the buildings and the whole estate. More than a year went to the restoration of the building alone. The interior of the manor became luxurious, yet very tasteful; ornate, yet modest, retaining traditions for decorating interiors in manors and villas from the early 1900's.

You will find eight luxuriously-decorated sleeping apartments in the manor, a Jacuzzi bath, luxurious living rooms and dining rooms with old and newer paintings, as well as cozy attic conference room. On the second floor of the manor there is a bedroom with a beautiful view of the ancient park. This bedroom was a favourite of President Antanas Smetona. In the basement of the octangular icehouse there is a sauna, and above it there is a cozy soiree room. There is also a ballroom with capacity for 400 people in the restored estate ensemble. Adjacent to the spirits-factory, there are cozy rooms that are available during the winter period. The surroundings of the Šešuolėliai estate are well-suited for occasional and cultural events. Here one can touch upon the spirit of the ancient times, the luxuriousness of culture and estates, mixing with the aesthetics of our times.