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Rout of treasure search

Dear Travellers,

If you are ready for adventures in the old town of Vilnius, this is the right offer for You!
The unique old town of Vilnius dates about seven ages back and has its own legend, original historical mysteries and treasures. However it is not possible to find those treasures for the sightseeing excursions is short. Anyway, please become a member of treasure seekers in Vilnius.

What To Do?
To remember childhood; be ready for entertainment, adventures, games, theatre, and finally pleasant discoveries!

Our Offer?
Discover a mysterious treasure of Vilnius; during the treasure search you will get acquainted with the old town, its history, architectural monuments, landscape, culture, and findings in unconventional and effective way.

Besides, material treasure things (ceramic cups with pictures of Vilnius, amber, book, etc.) will be solemnly handed to each member of treasure seekers group.

How Much Time?
To find a treasure it will take 3 hours.

How We Seek For Treasures?
A group leader will give you separate parts of the old town map to use, if you agree to do some easy tasks. Each part of the map shows direction of the rout. To get an advice each group of treasure seekers will elect their own leader.

Your Tasks?
To find a treasure you will have to do seven different tasks in different parts of the old town. Each task is spectacular, entertainment, cognitive, covering diversity of Lithuanian culture. City guests will have a unique possibility to learn more about Lithuanian folklore and dances, and pagan period of Vilnius history; to walk down the mysterious catacombs of Vilnius. There they will meet fabulous characters.

The Route For Travel?
Search tasks and stops:

1. Defence Wall, Gates of Dawn or Uniates Church. Webbing weave.
2. Barbacan. Meeting with town headsman
3. Courtyard of St. Kazimieras street. Meeting with ghosts-,,devils".
4. University street, Alumnatas Courtyard, the University of Vilnius. We will learn some merry Lithuanian dances in one of the courtyards.
5. Bernardine Church. Plainsongs or solo sacral songs.
6. Meeting with a witch on a foot of the Hill of the Three Crosses; we will try her magic drink.
7. Gediminas castle and meeting with Krivis Krivaitis.
8. A treasure - finally found on the Hill..
9. A group picture with Gediminas castle in the background.

P.S. Under request we can include Lithuanian Culinary Heritage into the program of the excursion.

Have a good time and enjoy valuable discoveries!

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